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04/18/2021 01:30 PM Offline 0
No Live Videos
@ Anna Jackson I can’t see the game either
@ James Paul I can’t see the gane
@ Anna Jackson LETS GO FURY!!!
@ Tonya Hey is anyone watching the last game for today, are you waiting on the livestream to start like I am?
@ Tonya @layla thanks for letting me know, I just got back and I'm about to start watching again
@ layla acosta @tonya i left the house, and i’m using data and it’s really good right now not freezing
@ layla acosta it got better
@ Tonya @layla You're welcome! It was worse last night, especially with the music playing over itself but hopefully it will get better
@ layla acosta @tonya thank you so much, i’m trying to watch my coachs but it’s bad on the phone too, it sucks.
@ Tonya @layla I am using my laptop, I tried casting to my tv but the streaming messes up more that way
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